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Just passed my goal of 172 lbs. weighed in at 171.8 this AM. Feb 1 was I was a chubby 196. Now for the muscle. Added Arnold press sets and pushups to workout. Looked up pushups for my age bracket and I can do a max of about 22. That's bordering on good but still above average for 60-65 age. It still pissed me off. So, I did three sets of 15 with 45 sec rest. Will probably keep that up and increase the reps. I do NOT want to be JUST above average!

Neil G.

Not your typical 80-year-old, WOW! Weight loss was never high on my agenda, but of course your nutrition plan pulled over 20 pounds off within 3 months. This was a mixed blessing in that it left me with too much skin around the middle. I still want to do whatever I can to rid myself of this affliction. I am so pleased to have teamed with you for the program. I always felt you knew exactly where I was in my development. Your ability to adjust my workouts helped me to continuously move forward. I'm in such better condition due to your expertise. I want to continue working under your leadership as I have many more goals to achieve, and you can get me there.

Alan A

60 years old…

Lost 30 pounds but you have also been rewarded throughout the program. Initial focus was fat loss and then we transitioned into building lean muscle tissue

Robert M.

To those of you who have just joined the AMP family, congratulations on making a wise investment in yourself as well as for your loved ones who will no doubt appreciate a healthier, happier you! To those who have been in the AMP for a while, keep on keeping on!! Finally, to those of you thinking about joining the AMP family, it is a decision you will not regret. My journey with Gary started in June of 2022 and I had the opportunity to spend 8 months in the program. I started the program around 190lbs, feeling bloated, out of shape, poor self-esteem and had issues of prehypertension. When I left the program, my weight was 174lbs, my blood pressure readings vastly improved and I was lean and ripped. My self-esteem is much better than it was, with everyone noticing a big difference in me. The important things you get from Gary and the group were our accountability and the community. It taught me for one, how to make exercising and nutrition a lifestyle, not just something I do, and secondly and just as important, it showed me that I was not alone in this journey, and it spurns you on to be the best version of yourself. I will never forget what I have learned from Gary and the group, and I can take these principles with me for the rest of my life and SO CAN YOU TOO! So, in the words of Coach Gary, “Get busy, get after it, and God bless." Respectfully, Keith G.

Keith G.

Lost 20 pounds so far. Skiing after doing this program for 4 months is just great. I can't believe I can ski at a high level at almost 69 years old. Amazing endurance in moguls. Like I was 30. I'm starting to see more results on my waist as well as muscles in shoulders, arms, chest and legs. I hadn't seen my siblings and parents in over 4 months. Many of them mentioned how good I looked. So, thank you.  

Dan S.


AMP Start: January 2022

Age: 55

Weight: 190 lbs

Height: 5' 11”

Testosterone-Level: 320

Condition: sedentary lifestyle; poor diet; little exercise; excessive visceral fat (mid section); feeling fatigue and “old”; brain fog; aches & pains; chronic lower back pain; shoulder joint pain; Diastasis Recti condition (separation of the abdominal muscles); difficulty bending over

Asthma (1985)

Leaky heart valve (2020)

1-Year in AMP Program:

Age: 56

Weight: 178 lbs (down 12 lbs – but drastic change in body composition)

Height: 5' 11”

T-Level: 490 (up from 320, one year prior)

Condition: Improved health considerably by following the program – based on what I have learned, I would highlight metabolism and hormones to be the core foundation of my results…

Tim B.

62-years old. Lost 35 pounds.

Rick W.

I never got below 13 stones in years – but now I broke that and lost around 8 lbs – but on a recomp. I didn't want to lose too much – just gain muscle and lose fat. The program will give you the discipline you need to see results, and any questions were answered along the way. There's a good team spirit in the App too with encouragement from like-minded guys on the plan!

Paul R.

46 years old. Lost 60 pounds

Barry H.

59 years old and Jacked!

Started at 216 pounds. Currently 195

Mark T.

I finished strong the last 2 weeks and cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am for you helping me completely change many aspects of my life. Too many to list at this time.

Kirk P.
Mark S.

I started AMP in January at a weight of 179lbs and feeling OK about myself. I remember saying I'll never get back down to the mid to low 160's due to my age and that those days are gone; my 'hopeful' goal was to get my weight down to 168lbs.

Today I am down to 160lbs (a TREMENDOUS feat) and starting to define my muscles throughout my body and my abs are the strongest they've ever been (still waiting for the abs to become more visible) 

I have received very nice compliments from my wife, adult children, and some friends. Due to all the commuting my hips, hamstrings, lower-back and shoulders were tight, uncomfortable and causing me difficulties that limited my movement and activities.

Due to the Mobility routine and all the Weightlifting routines, I have better movement than I've had in decades. I think I'm around 19% body fat and I'm trying to get my body fat down to 12% (I only have a scale and I know they are unreliable when it comes to body fat)

The WalkerFit exercise routines, the food tracking regiment, and the dedication I've consistently given to this program are paying off. I truly feel better physically! I feel stronger, more flexible, and moving around better each and every day. The success and wins I've experienced have helped me feel better about myself, my self-confidence is boosted, and increased my self-esteem. I am thankful for the AMP program, but I truly give all the credit for the success I've achieved to God! All Glory and Honor to my Lord and Savior Jesus!! I am very pleased with the success I've experienced but I know there is still more to be done.

Thank you, Coach Gary, for your guidance, knowledge, teaching, specialized training routine for me, your encouragement, your availability to my questions and your quick and clear responses! 

Tom C.

 56 years old. Recomp

Kirk P.

74 years old. I'm now approaching 3 months in the AMP program. Last Friday I moved my daughter home from college for the summer.

She rooms on the 3rd floor of her bedroom and there was a bunch of stuff to move, including several heavy crates of who knows what.

 After an hour of climbing up and down the stairs (there was no elevator) we had it all loaded in my pickup and wife's SUV.

I couldn't believe how easy it was for me. I was barely tired. Before AMP, I would've had to rest 5 minutes between trips.

And now, I was barely breathing hard. The AMP program really works in very practical way.

Gary.... I feel good most of the time.

 The other day I weighed in at 173... which is the least ever for me.

I played college football (LB'er) at 215-220.

 Your program is amazing and I'm going to stick with it...hopefully forever.

 Thanks for all you do!

Phil O.


57 years old. Hi Gary,

I wanted to share with you and group some of my progress since I joined the program in June/2021. I know that regarding weight I haven't been able to accomplish what I wanted but I do see a tremendous change in other areas such as the following:

Before the programme:

Blood panel in 2019 Cholesterol 159 triglycerides 187 High

Testosterone 220

During Program:

Blood Panel 2022 Cholesterol 154 triglycerides 124 Lower

Testosterone 379

Are regards my overall well-being I feel great, plenty of energy and I stay active. My chest is much tighter, legs, triceps all those muscle groups are a lot tighter than before. As we all now is not a quick fix but a way of life it needs to be embraced and be patience to see the difference.

Thanks, Gary, for all you help.


Hello Gary.

I would like to say on Dec 29 I weighed 292 lbs. and was very unhappy with the way I looked and felt. I grew out of my size 44 inch pants and knew I had to do something.

I started your program and this past Sunday May 3, I weighed 257 lbs. I am fitting into my size 38 shorts and I feel and look so much better. I can't follow the meal plan as well as I should but the workouts I love and I can modify them to fit the weights I have.

I would like to add I have done no running during this time and all my sprints have been done on a recumbent bike or my concept 2 rower. I would like to just say thank you for changing me into a better person, husband, and father.

Jason F.

68 years old

Harold C here,

Three weeks into the program…

I'm not really monitoring a lot of things, but I can say for a fact that since I started the program my blood pressure has dropped from being in the 140/80 range to 100/66.  I did step on the scale the other day just out of curiosity and had lost 6 lbs.

Harold C.

The COVID Lockdown caught me at home, eating, drinking, and watching TV. By December 2020, I was not happy with how I looked, or felt.

I began with Gary Walker on 7 January 2021 weighing in at 220 lbs. Thirteen weeks later, I weighed in at 190, losing 30 lbs.

My chest and shoulders are seeing some definition now. And I never felt hungry, or craved junk food.

Thank You, Coach. You delivered everything you promised, and more!

Arthur C.

Arthur C.

I had such an awesome transformation being in your program. Not only did I see a physical change but I also had an emotional paradigm shift in how I feel about myself. I am 50, 2 young children and busy with my job as an aviation medical retrieval clinician. I travel a lot and my diet and exercise regime suffered. Under your guidance, we were able to tailor a home workout program and eating regime that I could follow. The goals were achievable and through your program and encouragement I was able to hit my goals. Throughout this transformation I learnt the value of self love, and the power of discipline. I thought all I needed was “motivation”. However it turns out motivation comes and goes and the real power is in routine, discipline and “grinding it out”.

I thank you Gary for having you on “team Scott”. Your wisdom and program refocused my energy and resources into achievable outcomes which I previously have been unsuccessful. I now have more self confidence and belief in myself which radiates to my family.

Scott F.

These are really excellent programs Gary! I can't even count how many different protocols I’ve followed over the years. I trained with Cliff Ford (over 40 America) for many years and have recently become convinced that much of the time I was overtraining. At 61 I've been getting extraordinary (and a bit surprising to me) results. Very impressed and sincerely grateful. I appreciate you.

Steve L.

Having followed numerous 1 on 1 programs with different coaches over the years without great effect, I knew I had to find a coach/mentor that really specializes in helping men over 40 help get the body that they desire. Being 45 yrs old now and realising how difficult it is to reduce belly fat I was thrilled to be chosen as a member of Gary's program.

From the very start the program was very clear in terms of nutrition and exercises and if there was anything you didn't understand Gary was only an email away answering your questions or queries very promptly. Gary would often explain items of the program like he was in the room with you which helped immensely to progress through the program with minimal fuss and confusion.

Without exception Gary would send through the next Phase of the program one week before starting so that you could read through it and ask any questions before starting that particular Phase. Gary would often send an email asking what changes if any does he need to make before entering the next Phase, a real caring and committed value Gary has for his clients.

Overall, I would recommend Gary’s program 110% to anyone thinking about joining, and this program alone has set me up on my goal of reaching 12% body fat. I finished the program losing 8 cm around my waist and reducing my body weight by 7.8 kg. If someone tells you that obtaining a body to be proud over 40 yrs is difficult think again, obviously they haven't heard about Gary Walker's program.

Dietmar G.

I started working with Gary a few months after my wife left me and I was at the point of hating myself and hating my life. I was emotionally broken and full of darkness, insecurity, and doubt. I thought I would never be good enough or find happiness again. As lost as I was, I knew I couldn’t give up. I had to try. I’ve known Gary for several years and he’s always been a happy and positive person and always there with any fitness advice I had. I initially met him through a mutual friend who used to be a client of Gary’s. I saw the amazing transformation my friend had and the profound effect it had on his life. He became a totally different person. I spoke to Gary about working with me and helping me get my life back. I never expected much because I have always been a big person and I was always told I had bad genetics and I could never get fit; however, I was blown away by what I was able to accomplish! He gave me hope and encouragement and helped me transform my body and my mind more than I ever thought possible! I fell in love with working out, and more importantly, I fell in love with who I have become. I look and feel better than I ever have in my life. I have transformed physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thank you, Gary, for helping me become the man God created me to be! I am forever grateful and so thankful that you were brought into my life!

Toni P.

When I first reached out to Gary about helping me achieve my goals, I was out of shape and definitely overweight. I was weighing 291 pounds (didn’t realize it at the time because I never weighed myself).

When I was challenged at work to join a “weight loss” contest I knew who to turn to. Gary gave me his 16 week program and it was awesome! I lost over 60 pounds of fat following this program. I can promise you that you will definitely not be disappointed with this program and the results you get.

Gary laid out the whole guide and he thought of everything when he designed this plan. The real question is, how bad do you want it?


Gary, My body is looking much better with my stomach much smaller and my shoulders are growing and defining my arms. This is just beginning for me as what you are doing for me is truly working and I feel that I can still pack on some muscle along with the continued definition. Who says a man my age can't build muscle doesn't know what I can do with your guidance. You are worth every penny and what you have taught me so far has been life changing. Everyone who has seen me in the last few months is totally amazed at the transformation. I have lost so much in my face and I feel like I'm 40 again. I will do whatever you want to spread the word. I tell everyone my age group at the gym that they need to use your guidance. Thanks


Good morning Coach Gary,

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for you and the AMP program. I have learned so much from your coaching this year and improved my health in many ways. I have gained muscle, lost fat, increased energy, decreased pain in my shoulders and hips, and learned more about nutrition and testosterone levels than I ever knew before. My overall health and improvement and confidence has been amazing, especially at the age of 57! Thank you so much for the difference you have made in my life.

Matthew A.

I am happy with how I am able to continue to gain strength / increasing weight a little each week or two. When I started this program in March, my goal was just to improve my overall body strength, especially my core. I feel like this program has greatly helped me to do that.

Jim N.

Ok Gary, I blame you!! It's started already!! I hugged a female coworker today and she said, " oooooh your so strong!!" I didn't know that!! And at the end of her shift she reached out to me and said, " give me another of those strong hugs!!" ������������ This is YOUR fault!! ������������

Clarence D.


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